Local artisans, agriculture, and altitude… these are just some of the things that make living in Mountain BOCES communities awesome, adventurous, and downright fun. 

While our mountain communities are often sought out for their views and variety of recreational activities, those who live here—including the families of the 4,200 students in these communities—know that the lifestyle afforded in these places includes a high quality education for their children.  Mountain BOCES is committed to ensuring that Colorado students living in small mountain communities have the same advantages as those who attend large school districts on the front range. 

Our Mission, Vision &
Organizing Principle

Mission: Through collaboration, partnership and extended networks, we provide services and create opportunities that support equitable, high-quality education experiences for youth and adults. 

Vision: The leadership, support, advocacy, and resources that Mountain BOCES provides, ensures all students, especially underserved youth and those with disabilities, have equitable access to a high quality, meaningful education that empowers them to reach their full potential in school and in their community and beyond. 

Organizing Principle: We partner with all stakeholders— educators, school and district leaders, staff, students, families, and communities —to achieve our mission and vision with a focus on building strong relationships through mutual trust and respect while embracing a growth mindset. 

Our Values


Supporting educational opportunities, equity, and excellence for children and adults is the foundation for all that we do.


We are dedicated to affecting positive change for those we serve while also blazing trails that stand to benefit the entire field.


We strive to use the natural environment around us to enhance our lives and the lives of those we serve. 


We are made stronger by the contributions and participation of all people—every student, parent, administrator, educator, future educator, and partner—we serve, who serve alongside us, and who serve us.