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Professional learning for current and aspiring teachers and administrators. 

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Alternative Licensure

If you have been hired by a school or district as a principal or teacher and are looking for an alternative program check us out.

Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Learners 

As an approved provider, the Mountain BOCES offers  five to 90 hours of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learners training. Register and begin this professional development TODAY!

Program Cost: No cost to member districts educators; $50 registration fee is required of all other Colorado educators

Teacher / Specialized Service Provider Induction

Mountain BOCES hosts a one year induction program for teachers and special services professionals. Our induction program relies on the building principal and mentor/inductee relationship for the development of a meaningful, personalized program based on the individual candidate needs. First year and new to building Inductees follow a different Induction year path than Inductees with experience in their field and building or district. Orientation begins in August.

 Program cost:  $175 member districts teachers and specialized service professionals; $200 non-member district teachers and specialized service professionals 

Principal and Administrator Induction

Mountain BOCES Professional Learning Coordinator hosts a one year induction program for eligible principals and administrators who hold an Initial Colorado license.  Our induction program relies the mentor/inductee relationship for the development of a meaningful, personalized program based on the individual candidate needs. Principals and administrator Inductees follow a different Induction year,  creating professional growth plans for development of electronic portfolios related to specific job-related quality standards. Orientation begins in August.

Program cost:  $200 member districts (Principals/Administrators); $225 non-member districts (Principals/Administrators)

Student Focused Mentor Program

NEW! We are excited to roll out our new course to build the skill set of mentors and the capacity of administrators to support mentoring in their schools in order to improve the experience and effectiveness of new educators. 

 We have limited space for this year, allowing for 50 participants.  If you would like to build your capacity as a mentor, or learn how to support mentoring in your school, while brushing up on research-based practices that will directly impact student learning, this is the course for YOU!

2023-2024 Stipend for Participation: Upon successful completion of the program requirements Mentors of Teachers will receive a $600 stipend and Principals/Administrators of Mentors will receive a $400 stipend. 

*All Mentors in BOCES programs will have access to the eNet portion of the Student Focused Mentor and receive a copy of the resources used.*

If you have any questions about the program, please email Andi Weigel, Professional Learning Coordinator: